Class Assignment

We will be engaged together in generating a collaborate website about 1968 to exemplify the processes of cultural memory that we have been studying in this class. Each of you will select and research a specific 1968 site: an incident, work, thinker, organization, event, representation, symbol, memory maker, etc., through which you will represent the collective turmoil that occurred throughout that year.

Each of you will be responsible for selecting, researching, and posting a memory site of 800-1000 words to this class-created WordPress site. Specific sites should include visual evidence and links to useful resources and materials. Each post should include endnote citations to identify sources consulted as well as captions and urls for illustrations and other linked material.

Once the WordPress site comes live at the end of this week, you will be provided with instructions of how to post your individual site. it will be important and productive for you to enhance your own contributions as much as you can and to track the collective evolution of the entire site. You are encouraged to add to and revise your posts regularly to illustrate the development and deepening of your research. You should also strive to link to the posts analyzing other sites of memory when appropriate. Regularly checking in on the other research being done across Back Power will enable and enhance these connections, as well as your own understanding of the project of remembering this movement.

Here is a checklist that will help you to develop the “quality of your content” and your “dynamic description and analysis” – the criteria upon which your site will be evaluated.

  • Is your own entry clearly-written, well-organized, and laid out in the way it presents your site in dynamic and useful ways?
  • Does your entry effectively situate the history of your site in the matrix of its development?
  • Does your entry effectively consider the work of memory being enacted by your site? Who benefits from it in what ways?
  • Does your entry analyze the representation of 1968 that your site promotes and which aspects of its legacy and image it remembers (and forgets)?
  • Are all your links, sources, and illustrations cited in your notes and all quotations attributed to their source?